Solvent Trap Kit

5/8-24 Or 1/2-28 Car FUEL FILTER Solvent D Cell Storage Cup NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 L 9\"


5/8-24 Or 1/2-28 Car FUEL FILTER Solvent D Cell Storage Cup NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 L 9\"

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  • Brand: Solvent Trap Kit
  • Type: Solvent Trap Kit
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Product Specifics

  • For Vehicle Brands/Model:Alfa Romeo
  • Alfa Romeo Model:147
  • 147-Year:2002



Comes with 2pcs ANTI-LEAK Rubber Ring Seals


Material: Aluminum

Outer Diameter: 1.75"

Inner Diameter: 1.375"

Overall Length: 9"

Threading size: 5/8-24


For NAPA 4003 WIX 24003 Fuel Solvent Filters(ONLY for car uses)


This product is the outcome of a design process in which every detail was meticulously thought of and executed to perfection.


Storage Tube

1. Tube - 7075 Aluminum. Octagonal body. Anodized

2. Tube Measurements - 1.75" OD, 1.375" ID, 8.25" length (without end caps), 9" length (with end caps).

3. Endcaps - 1 x solid octagonal design end cap with divots at true center on both sides. 1 x octagonal design end cap with threaded hole in size 1/2-28. Tube will fit Most D cell Mag lite end caps


1. 8 Pcs 7075 Aluminum Storage Cups

2. Dimensional design divots on both ends of the cups are placed at true center for aesthetic appeal

3. 1.375 OD., .925'' height

4. A lip at the bottom of each stackable storage cup ensures a tight seal allowing for sealed compartments to keep your valuables dry and protected.



1. Length increased to perfectly fit 8 storage cups - allowing for more space for you trek.

2. Walls thicker for increased rigidity and durability.

3. 7075 aluminum made for a strong but lightweight tube.

4. Octagonal tube body allows for better grip and improved aesthetics.

5. End cap threading allows for easy swapping.

6. Anodized in Black color

Package Included:

1 x Tube

2 x End Cups

8 x D Cell Storage Cups

2 x Seal Rings

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